A wicked big THANK YOU to everyone that attended the Club Motorsports event:

  • Thank you to the staff and management of Club Motorsports Incorporated for helping us plan and execute a great event;

  • Thank you to those with worker assignments for arriving early and performing your duties with enthusiasm;

  • Thank you to the instructors for guiding the new and not so new drivers on this challenging track;

  • Thank you to the students for your attention and questions before, during and after each session;

  • Thank you to the advanced drivers for managing the highest on track car counts ever at an NCR event;

  • and lastly, thank you to the weatherman for three perfect track days.

We look forward to doing all this again next year.

RegisterDon't forget to register for our final event of the year at NHMS on October 6th and 7th. It's our Make-A-Wish weekend. Let's see all those great smiles again.