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On April 21st North Country Region (NCR) will be holding an event of interest to those who have never attended a Driver’s Education(DE) event. “First Track Day” will be held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). We are holding this First Track Day event only once this year, and although complete newcomers are welcome to any of our events, this day has a special focus for those with no experience. Unique to this event we will have special extended classrooms as well as a Car Control Clinic (CCC) including time on a skid pad and a braking exercise with emergency lane change maneuver.  In the afternoon you will also be spending time on the NHMS 1.6 mile road course with a PCA instructor.

You can register for this event at this link.  Look for the NCR Season Opener event and select the Purple Run Group.

The following provides a little more detail about the day and what you need to do to prepare.

Let us start by reiterating what a Driver’s Education event is all about.  DE events are held at racetracks, but are not races. There are no prizes or rankings, and how well you drive fast is much more important than how fast you are. The intent and focus of the event is to allow you to take your Porsche to the track and explore your own and the car’s capabilities at speeds unobtainable on the street in a relatively safe environment and under the guidance of a PCA instructor.

Before you actually hit the track there is some stuff you should know and some pre-event procedures.  You will receive an email with a link to the “Track Pack” several days before the event that will include a detailed schedule and additional instructions.  For your convenience a few important facts you need to know are summarized below and appendix provides a draft schedule:

Tech-Inspection:  Prior to arriving at the track your car will need to go through a tech inspection by an approved PCA inspector. The form that must completed (and stamped) by the mechanic can be found here and the list of mechanics can be found here.

Arrive On Time:  On the day of the event please get to the track on time. The gates open at 7am. The track is located at:

New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307

GPS Coordinates: 43.359298, -71.465277

When you arrive, you will need to check in at the main gate window first with the NCR team and then with the NHMS representative.  In each case you will have to sign a waiver and will receive and wristband (NCR) and either stamp or wristband (NHMS).  Please bring your license and PCA card to the NCR window.

On-site tech: after checking in find a place to unload your vehicle before going to the tech inspection. Follow the flow of cars into the “infield paddock” and choose a spot that suits you. The only exception will be the garages. Unload everything that is not bolted down from your car. This includes tool kits, floor mats, radar detectors, and cell phones.  Your trunk should also be completely empty.  Be sure to apply the number you were assigned in the Track Pack.  Blue painter’s tape or white shoe polish are great ways to temporarily apply numbers to your rear side windows or doors.  Next you need to take your car to tech inspection. Tech inspection typically occurs at the end of the garage nearest the track entrance (near garage #1).  There will be announcements over the PA system directing you were to go. Tech will ensure that your lug nuts are properly torqued, everything is removed from your car, and the your assigned numbers are affixed.   Be sure to bring both your helmet (loaner helmets are available for this event) and tech form.   

At your first event you will be assigned to the Purple Run Group and you will be assigned an instructor who will be with you on the track. The instructor’s task is to introduce you to the principles of high performance driving on a one-on-one basis. S/he will talk to you, demonstrate, and then guide you through the skills of getting the most out of your Porsche and understanding vehicle dynamics. Prior to the event you will be given your instructor’s name and email address.  Instructors will meet the First Track Day participants during the afternoon driver’s lunch/meeting prior to the on-track session—see below.

To help you in understanding the principles of performance driving you will be asked to attend both a driver’s meeting and a classroom prior to your first “run” of the day. The driver’s meeting will be with all of the other Driver’s Education participants.  The classroom session will be confined to just the First Track Day participants.  The meetings will cover a lot of information about flags, passing zones, passing protocols as well as a talking about “the line” (the most effective way to negotiate any given corner) and many other terms specific to performance driving. Before and while on the track your instructor will remind and reinforce these concepts.

The morning will focus on the Car Control Clinic. At the clinic you will be instructed and participate in the activities discussed above. The objective of the clinic is to start to learn the basics of vehicle dynamics, get a feel for the limits of your car and to start to apply some of the lessons discussed in your classroom.

In the afternoon you will be out for one 30 minute track session. Your instructor will be with you the entire time. Your instructor will drive your car for a couple of laps to show you the way around and to demonstrate “the line.”  Your instructor will not pressure you to do things you are not comfortable doing – we want you driving well long before we want you driving quickly. Safety is always the first consideration at a Driver Education.  We are sure you will have a great time and learn lessons that you can carry back into your daily driving.

Appendix:  Draft First Track Day/CCC schedule






Arrive at track and check-in with PCA and NHMS officials


Tech inspection

Empty car and go through tech inspection.  Bring tech form and helmet.


Drivers meeting, media center

Drivers meeting will provide essential information for the day


CCC classroom session

Review of CCC exercises, goals, schedule, and procedures



Transfer from track to CCC parking lot


CCC session 1

Group A to skid pad and group B to Braking/Lane change course (note groups will be assigned in morning classroom session)


Break and Transition

Groups A&B switch stations


CCC session 2

Group B to skid pad and group A to Braking/Lane change course



Transfer from parking lot to track paddock


Lunch, pre-track drivers meeting

Meet in garage 1 for lunch and drivers meeting.   Debrief morning activities and review objectives/plans for on-track session.  Instructors-students meet.


Down time

Down time before Purple Run Group session



Purple Run Group students and instructors meet and proceed to staging area


Purple run group on-track session

Instructors and students on-track.  Instructors begin driving and switch placed after a few laps


Debrief, Transfer, and CCC station tear-down

Following on-track session receive debrief from instructor, transfer back to CCC parking lot, and tear-down CCC stations.