40 Years of fun!

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Greetings from frozen New Hampshire. This month we look forward to the 2018 events and list some of the changes that you will see in the North Country Driver’s Education Program.

This first welcome change is that all our events in New Hampshire will be on the weekend. That’s right no more trying to get those Tuesdays and Wednesdays cleared from the calendar. The Limerock Park event stays on the traditional Monday and Tuesday at the End of June. Here is a summary of each of our events. We will be sending out addition details and registration information over the next few weeks.

Season Opener – April 20 to April 22

We open the season at NHMS with a three-day event. Friday will kick off the season with a lots of track time for the Red, Black and White Run Groups. On Saturday, we will be extending the Car Control Clinic Activities to include track time for the novices. Look for a Car Control Clinic update next month. Sunday will finish the weekend with our normal schedule for all the Run Groups.

Limerock Fun Day – June 25 and 26

We return for two days of fun at this icon track at the end of June. This event always sells out early so what your inbox for additional registration information.

Club Motorsports – September 7 to 9

We’re back for three days at the “Best track in America”. Those of us that drove this track last September were more than amazed at the elevation changes and the scenic views (not observed when driving at speed, of course).

Spring is a Long Time Coming – October 6 and 7

We close out our year at NHMS with a two-day weekend event that includes our Make-A-Wish activities.

Bob Tucker is back as NCR’s Chief Instructor. Bob led our instructors for the 2005-2007 seasons. See this article Passing the Torch from our outgoing Chief Instructor Steve Schindler.

Our Safety Chair Mark Nadler has made several changes to the Tech Form for 2018. These changes make the make it easier for first timers to get started with our Driver’s Education events. The helmet requirement now includes the M and K types and a mounted fire extinguisher is no longer required. Check out the 2018 tech form at this link.

There is good news for those of us that take pleasure thinking about those warm days as we schedule our events for the year. We’ve implemented deferred credit card payments for our events. You can plan your year and register during these cold months and we will wait to bill your credit card until 30 days before the event.

That completes our opening laps under caution, stay tuned for many more updates from the NCR DE Team. Now where is that shovel?

NCR’s Paddack Reporter