40 Years of fun!

LOGO 40 Trans

Driver Name: __________________________________________________________DownloadandPrint

Number of Track Days in Yellow group: ________________________________________

Home Region: _________________________________________________________


  Low       High
  1 2 3 4 5
Demonstrates smooth inputs: steering, braking & accelerating                    
Uses ocular vision and looks ahead in corners                    
Carries reasonable momentum through corners                    
Practices heel and toe braking/downshifting without serious imbalance of the car                    
Demonstrates good car control, patience and recovery skills as needed, able to adjust to wet conditions                    
Recognizes errors and why they occurred                    
Uses prompt and courteous passing signals                    
Calmly deals with faster and slower traffic and late passing situations                    
Drives at an appropriate pace for the run group                    
Drives safely                    
Recommend advancement to Blue?                       Yes     No        

Instructor Name (please print): ______________________________________________

Home Region: _________________________________________________________

Instructor Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ________

Please return completed form to the Chief Instructor by the end of the event.



NCR Chief Instructor approves advancement to Blue: _____________________________

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