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LOGO 40 Trans

Driver’s Name: ____________________________________________________    DownloadandPrint

Number of Track Days in Green group: _____________________________________

Home Region: ______________________________________________________


  Low       High
  1 2 3 4 5
Accepts instruction and demonstrates an eagerness to learn          
Familiar with DE procedures, staging, and driving terminology          
Demonstrates proper seat positioning, mirror adjustment, use of safety equipment          
Knows the location of flagging stations and the meaning of flags used          
Drives a safe and appropriate line fairly consistently          
Developing ocular vision (sees the scene and looks ahead)          
Uses proper passing signals and knows the passing zones          
Practices smooth inputs (steering, braking & acceleration)          
Demonstrates good judgment and courtesy to other drivers          
Appears comfortable and confident with on-track driving          
Drives at an appropriate pace for the run group          
Drives safely          
Recommend advancement to Yellow: Yes   No    

Instructor Name (please print): ___________________________________________

Home Region: ___________________________________________

Instructor Signature: ______________________________ Date: ______________


Please return completed form to the Chief Instructor by the end of the event.


NCR Chief Instructor approves advancement to Yellow: __________________________

NCR Chief Instructor signature