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NCR has a process to advance students to the next run group. The process is intended to standardize the evaluation criteria, and ensure that drivers advance only when ready. Here's how it works:

  1. Checklists have been developed for each run group advancement (Green to Yellow, Yellow to Blue, Blue to White, White to Black, Black to Red). One or more NCR instructors will ride along with the student to perform a checkout ride to evaluate the driver according to the advancement checklist. Advancing from Green to Yellow requires one instructor’s approval. Advancing to higher run groups requires the approval of at least two instructors, and both need to complete an evaluation form. Often the chief instructor will require multiple checkout rides with more than two instructors to advance students to higher run groups. The use of multiple checkout rides is not a negative reflection on the driver. We like to get lots of input from instructors when advancing a student to a higher run group, and the more input students get from instructors the better.
  2. Checklists are available from the NCR Chief Instructor at the event and online. The appropriate checklist should be obtained before a checkout ride so the student and instructor are aware of what needs to be evaluated. The checklists can be seen at (http://www.ncr-pca.org/index.php/club-activities/driver-education). Students interested in an advancement should review the evaluation form in advance for guidance on the criteria for advancement.
  3. Following a checkout ride, the instructor must complete the advancement form and discuss it with the Chief Instructor.  If needed, the Chief Instructor will arrange one or more additional checkout rides. The Chief Instructor reserves the right to approve or disapprove any advancement.

Important Notes:

  • Drivers will not be moved to the next higher run group unless the appropriate advancement form is completed and signed by the checkout instructor(s), and approved by the Chief Instructor.
  • An instructors should review the evaluation form with the student.
  • Students are responsible for returning completed evaluation forms to the Chief Instructor by the end of the event in order to advance. That means the student may need to remind the instructor to complete the evaluation form. No evaluation form, no advancement.
  • As a general rule, a student who is promoted to the next higher run group will remain in the lower run group for the duration of that event, and will not drive in the next higher run group until the next event.
  • Students should keep a log book and ask instructors to comment in the student’s logbook after each event. Comments in a student’s logbook, that the student is doing well or ready for advancement, are not an advancement to the next run group. An advancement can only occur when an advancement form has been completed, submitted and approved by the Chief Instructor.
  • To advance to an advanced run group (Black), drivers need the skill, self-awareness, situational awareness and good judgment to run in the advanced group safely. In addition, the student’s equipment (car and safety equipment) should be up to the task, and be capable of running at the advanced run group’s pace safely.
  • Our advancement policy is intended to enhance the safety and enjoyment of all participants. If you wish to discuss advancing to the next run group, ask your instructor.