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North Country Region
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Important Notice
When parking for sign in at NHMS, Make sure you leave the fire lane open.
Do not park right in front of the building. Use one of the lanes to the right.
They will not let you sign in if you are blocking the fire lane.


Please stop at the main gate to sign the release form required by the track. When parking please leave the fire lane open and use one of the lanes to the right. Once you have gotten your wrist band you enter through the gate. As you pass through the entrance the lot is located down to the right hand side. The Car Control Clinic (CCC) is being held in Parking Lot S1 which is on your right. Please check in with the CCC Chair when you arrive at the lot.


Please observe the cones that mark where the water hoses are located. YOU CANNOT DRIVE OVER THE HOSES. Please follow directions in order to enter the course. When in doubt, wait it out.


Pizza lunch will be provided as well as soda and water. Please limit yourself to two slices so there enough for all. If you prefer you can purchase food at any of the local restaurants.


Please obey the posted speed limits on all public roads. We wish to retain our good reputation with the track and local authorities.



NHMS is located in Loudon, NH on Rt.106, approximately 10 miles north of Concord, NH. From the south, take I-93 to exit 15E (I-393). Take Exit #3. Turn onto Rt. 106 North. NHIS will be 10 miles north on the right. From the North, take I-93 to the Tilton Exit #20 to Rt. 140 through Belmont to Rt. 106 South. Follow Rt. 106 South to the Speedway which is approximately 8 miles.

Car Control Clinic Notes

  1. SNELL 2010 (M or SA) or newer helmets are mandatory.
  2. We will have some loaner helmets on hand.
  3. Fire extinguishers are not required for this event.
  4. All Cabriolet, Boxster and Targas should have the top in place for this event.
  5. Only an instructor or their student may be a passenger in a car.
  6. The use of seat belts is required while the car is in motion.

Day of the Event Preparation

 START TIME: The event will start at 10:00am. Registration in the lot will begin at 9:30 AM and the gates will be opened at 8:00 AM

TRACK ENTRY: Please stop at the registration building adjacent to the main pit entrance to the track. When you arrive at the track you will be required to sign a NHMS LIABILITY RELEASE (Waiver) in order to get a wrist band.

EVENT REGISTRATION: When you arrive at Parking Lot S1 and check in for the event you will be required to sign a PCA INSURANCE LIABILITY RELEASE (Waiver) form. You will need your driver’s license.

CAR NUMBERS: Are not required, but you are more than welcome to display any number of your choosing.

CAR PREPARATION: Remove loose objects from your car. The goal is to remove any items that could become a projectile if you were to spin your car. The following items must be removed prior to entering the course: Radar detector, EZ Pass device, cellular phone, and G-Analyst.

PASSENGERS: Passengers are not permitted in any car at any time. If there are two people in a car, one of them must be an instructor.

CLOTHING: Appropriate clothing must be worn for driving. (long sleeve shirts and long pants). Slacks should not interfere with foot movement. Suitable shoes, such as sneakers, should be worn. No sandals, wedges, high heels nor loose shoes will be allowed. 100% cotton or Nomex materials are recommended.

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: Safety is a primary concern throughout the event. Anyone deemed to be conducting themselves or driving their vehicle in an unsafe and discourteous manner will be ejected from the event.

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by any person until after the event has concluded. The use of drugs is strictly prohibited.

RISK OF DAMAGE: Participants assume all risk of damage to their cars and to the track facilities during the event.



____ Driver's license

____ Signed parental waiver for any driver under the age of 18. We will have these available at registration.

Might be useful:

____ Umbrella

____ Tire pressure gauge

____ Air compressor

____ Rain gear

____ Warm clothing (you never know in New England

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Dave Logan
North Country Region
Car Control Clinic Chair

40 Years of fun!

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